Sunday, 12 October 2008



I was pretty busy trying to get some artwork finished but I managed to squeeze in a hour or so to do some much needed weeding.

The Cauliflowers are starting to show their heads now, am getting excited imagining fresh cauliflower cheese!

We have 5 cauli's in, only 4 seem to be doing well, I think the 5th got a bit too munched by the caterpillars.

I spent the rest of the time in the garden digging up a load of potato's, we had finally use up all the ones I had squeezed into the fridge so I dug another large bucket full, that should keep us going for a while.

While I was doing all this Rich was chopping up a load of the gash wood we where given a few months back, its love dry pine and makes fantastic kindling.

And lastly before I finally gave up and went in to make mash spuds, I picked the apples from the eating apple tree, they had developed funny mottled spots all over them, I had been leaving them alone and hoping this was just the usual dimples and marks you get on home grown apples (as a possessed to the picture perfect ones in the supermarkets) but the spots have been looking more like some sort of fungus and I saw something that looked similar on Gardeners World the other week . They said to strip all the apples off and take them to a recycling center (if it is a disease and the apples when in the compost bin then it will just live in there till it can infect the trees again, recycling center usual hot compost which kills the bacteria)
Anyone else come across this on their apples?


As usual it started with a trip to the car boot sale, next week is the last one before winter, how will I cope till next Easter when they start again!!!

Anyway I managed to grab some really beautiful old french coat hooks for £3, bargain!

When we got back I finally tackled a job I've been meaning to do for weeks, I trimmed our lavender bushes outside the front patio. It was a bit of a shame as they look so pretty but the lavender heads where starting to turn brown and die of anyway.

Every year I dry the lavender and keep it, it is great for making last minute birthday and Christmas presents or as we're starting to plan our wedding for next year so possible confetti?! I will leave it hanging in the greenhouse for a month or 2 to really get all the moisture out of it then store it in kilner jars in the house. I also did a bunch of rosemary this year too as the little bush of it I have has really gone mad this summer.

Now on to the best bit of the day, the laying of yet more bricks in the veg patch (for anyone who is new to this blog, please read back through the archive, and you'll see I'm slightly obsessed with the use of bricks in the garden!!) anyway, I had yet again got some bricks from the local Freecycle, and they have been waiting partially for me to do something with them.
I have used them to replace the old rotten wood borders of the veg patch, which are lethal slippy when wet.

So now we have this...

Happiness is a brick boarded veg garden!!