Tuesday, 26 January 2010

A Bad Day

Don't you hate those days where not matter what you do everything seems to be going wrong, my day started of with me wanting to beat my computer with a very large stick! Why does it decide to go on strike when every I have a lot of work on?! One of life delightful little mysteries evidently.

Anyway my day picked up with the arrival of the post after lunch...

So naturally I dumped my paying work and went to have a look...

Its the first of this years plants from the wonderful Victoriana Nursery's, in this parcel was 6 Polka Raspberry Canes, a Red Haven Peach tree , some Giant Headed Sunflower Seeds and 2 packets of Corn Flower seeds...nice!

I had got the bed prepared for the Raspberries on Sunday, we already had 2 rows of All Gold Raspberries that I got from Freecycle 18 months ago. They have been wonderful, really heavy croppers which has sort of been the problem, with nearly 15 plants all fruiting in September we cant eat the damn things fast enough (yes, yes I know the anwser is make jam!)
So I decided to take out the front row and replace them with an earlier fruiting variety to lengthen our Raspberry eating season (and it gives me plenty of time to learn now to make jam too!!)

Anyway all this led to me order 6 Polka Raspberries, a variety from Poland that fruits on the first years wood (excellent if you are as impatient as me)
So out came my trusty All Golds, to be given away on Freecycle (again)...

and the bed was dug over with some good compost from our bins.

So late this afternoon I managed to get out there and put my new canes in...

and here they are looking all neat!

So the tree will be planted tomorrow as I ran out of daylight to do it this afternoon. I have wanted a Peach Tree forever (because I'm that sad!) but was under the impression I needed a huge greenhouse or a south facing wall to grow it up, but Stephen assures me that my south facing sloping garden with good drainage will do just as well! How exciting!! I can't wait, I don't care if we only ever get 1 fruit of it!

So a bad day that managed to get slightly better, phew!

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Moving On...

...Not forgetting but time to move on I think.

Well for obvious reason we haven't really been up to much, funny how much time missing someone can eat up in a day!

The weather has just been to appalling to go anywhere near the garden, which has been very neglected for the last 2 months what with one thing and another, hopefully this weekend I will get some time to get out there and tidy up a bit, I will also be making decisions on veg to plant in the spring soon.

Much of our time this week as been spent indoors, desperately trying to get some artwork done and also tidying up after Christmas.

I have finally stopped sweeping up pine needles, thank god, kept finding them embedded in my socks.

A few flowers around the place to make me smile.

Here is a little project Rich and I did last week, I found this old cotton reel in a junk shop in Shropshire, so we made it into a lovely candle stick to go next to the stove. Very shitty chic as my Dad would say!