Wednesday, 26 August 2009


Yes, madness is what seems to have descended on our life's at the mo, the wedding is now less than 3 weeks away (panic!!!) so posts will probably be non-exsistant till after we come back from the Honeymoon.

So for the time being a very quick (and I do mean quick, I've got a seating plan to sort out here!) update on whats been happening here in between me tearing my hair out.

Has anyone else noticed how early everything is this year? We have picked and eaten the few cooking apples our tree managed to squeeze out, not to mention the Blackberries! aren't they about a month ahead of themselves? The locals don't seemed to have cottoned on to this yet, but lucky I noticed the berries on the way home from work, so managed to nip home and get a pot to collect them in.

I had more than this but a generous helping went into the Blackberry and Apple crumble I made, the rest will go in the freezer as I don't have time for much else right now!

Down on the veg patch, the onions are out and we got some cabbage plugs from the boot sale at the weekend to keep the beds full and productive (always something I struggle with going into winter)

Fingers crossed the slugs leave us a few! The rest of garden so looking good despite the fact its been left to it's own devices of late.

And lastly, I would like to say a huge thank you to Stephen and Serena at Victoriana Nursery, who have given us our first wedding present (and very kindly supplied us with Cottage Garden seeds as wedding favors!)

Now I have no excuse not to give jam making a try! Lets hope theres enough fruit stored in the freezer to make some!

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Work While Its Dry

Sunday was surprisingly dry (for a change) so we rushed outside to do all the little jobs we've been putting off!

I brought some Leeks from the local garden center, it was supposed to be 6 Leeks for £1.50 but when you looked closely at the trays most of them had at least 2 plants per plug, so we got 24 Leeks for £3 which was brilliant!

I put them in where I lifted the potatoes as they like nitrogen rich soil, fingers crossed they do ok, I haven't grown Leeks before (Rich is already anticipating Leek and Potato pie)

A lot of the other stuff in the veg patch I'm just leaving alone, it seems to be coping fine without me fussing over it...

I'm really pleased with the Beetroot, again I just bunged it in and left it to its own devises...

Another pressing job that I have been trying to do was net the Blueberries, we had to make the cage bigger this year as the bushes have grown quite a lot, Rich built the wooden bed frame back in February, I just needed to get the netting on it.

I had to take the netting off the Strawberries as we didn't have enough without that to over the new huge frame!

While all this was going on, Rich spent the day giving the Landy a bit of TLC, in other words filling some of the gaping holes so the rain doesn't keep coming in...

Bless him, he loved every minuet!!

Another Sunday well spent!