Wednesday, 8 September 2010

So Much Happening

So so much happening at the moment, visits to the bank, our solicitor, trying to find enough boxes to pack my growing piles of stuff...wondering if the new house will be big enough for all this crap!

So the blog has been a bit neglected, sorry! So here are some pics form the last few weeks...

My first Courgette, it was very tasty!

Tons of lovely Raspberries, both red and yellow!

The Pears are just about ready now, I still can't believe how many there are!

Here we have a few of our latest boot sale finds, some really cool metal and enamel drawers for the new studio and an enamel industrial light shade, which we're hoping to use in the new kitchen when we redesign it.

I'll try to put some more stuff up in a few days, there never seems to be enough time at the moment! I really can't wait to get the move over with!