Friday, 2 January 2009

Post Christmas Randomness!

Its that's lull after all the festiveness is over, all those months of preparation and organizing...all over in what seems like 5 minuets! I really hate the first few weeks of January, all the Christmas telly is over, I can no longer justify eating chocolate for breakfast, no ones got any money left and most annoying of all there's not much happening in the garden!

Its a bit early for planting any of my little seeds up, most have to wait till next month or early March, so I'm stuck doing the boring jobs. So far I've given the Raspberries a good hard trim back...

...and planted the Garlic out in one of the sinks.

Rich has been working his way through the small mountain of gash wood we got given for free by a local builder, most of its old 2x4 bits of pine from ripped out stud walls, Rich has been chopping it up into usable lengths for out stove, one of our neighbors very kindly lent him a bench saw so he's been able to make a really dent in the pile ( and keep us warm for nothing!)

One of our jobs for the new year is to get a proper wood store sorted out (and so I can have my greenhouse back) we've got an old coal bunker next to our shed so Rich is hoping to temporally convert it for logs, at the moment its made of old breeze blocks and is not particularly attractive, eventually we'll replace it with something nice made of wood but for the time being we'll make it usable so we can be drying out enough logs to see us through next winter.

Now as there's not much for me to blog about in the garden, I though I'd do the meme I got tagged to do back in November by Lucy.

I've been meaning to do it for ages but Christmas got in the way, so here it is now: 6 Random Facts About Us...

1. Old Cars: Rich and I have some what of an obsession with old cars (although I have been seduced in resent years by the lure of good fuel economy and a car that starts on a cold morning!) When we where at Uni together we both had our dream cars, mine was an old fire engine red Citroen 2CV (god I loved that car!) and Rich's was a bright yellow Mark 3 Ford Cortina (ever watched Life on Mars? its the car out of that in case you where wondering!) we had these two for most of our 3 year degree, they lived happily parked nose to nose out side our little terraced house in North Wales, the neighbours (and most of our friends) though we where mad. Sadly Both Blodwyn (2cv) and The Yellow Peril (ford) have both since had to go, mine couldn't cope with the steep hills of Bath and Rich's need huge amounts of money spending on it. They are both sadly missed.

2. Kilner Jars: as with bricks in the garden, I have another slight thing about Kilner Jars in the house, I cant seem to stop buying them when I see them a boot sales, if fact I am now running out of things to put in them. I think I must have some sort of recessive hording gene in me somewhere.

3.Cast Iron Animals: this is quite a resent thing, it started with Rich buying me a little white cast iron bunny last Easter, he always buys me something silly and random and I'm glad to say this Christmas was no exception...

...who wouldn't want to find a rusty iron Pigeon in their stocking! I'm not sure why but this seems to have become one of our 'Things', I wonder what I'll get for my Birthday?

4. We Lived In The Same County For 20 Years But Met On A Train: we even had friends that knew each other and we went to the same art collage 2 years apart but ended up meeting on the train to uni, proving that the railways in this country are good for something.

5. Shoestring Wedding: I should start another blog about this! We're getting married in September, we're both really excited about it but as Rich and I have literately no money right now the whole thing is being done on the tightest of shoestrings ( I brought my wedding dress of ebay for £37!) but quite frankly even if we had money I thing we'd do everything pretty much the same as we are right now, I hate the idea of spending more on a dress that I would on a car!

6. Squirrels: ok, before I tell you this I must remind you we are not mad. Another one of our 'Things' is squirrels, I have no idea why but it's a sort of in-joke from when we first started going out, we have now got to the point that every occasion is marked with a squirrel card or squirrel related gift (both being artist's this gets quite creative!).

Well thats it, I could go on but fear the men in white coats will be banging on the door any minuet now! as ever if anyone fancy's having a bash at this meme go for it (and let me know, I love seeing other people are as strange as us!)


Lucy @ In the Sky With Hens said...


Happy New Year by the way :)

No you're not mad at all. Rich and I also have a thing for old cars. Rich currently has a 1972 Mark II GT6 sitting in his parents' garage in bits, and I would love to drive a 1964 Triumph Herald or some such other car (as long as it has a big steering wheel!!!).

We also have a load of kilner jars, two are currently sitting in the fridge with sourdough cultures in them and the rest are waiting for some jam making this year...

And it continues...bricks!!!! At the mo I have a pile of bricks in the garden waiting to either line one of the long borders or one of my veg plots. I also want to create brick paving around the greenhouse, in addition to the rescued paving blocks from my old lower school skip (frugal!).

ANNNNDD I used to collect hedgehoggy things, but it's my exclusive 'thing' ;)

So no, you're not batty. Or maybe you are, but there's other batty types out there too, which is comforting ;)

Chiot's Run said...

Mr Chiots and I have a MINI Cooper S that we love (we bought it 2.5 years ago. It happily sits in the garage and only goes out when we feel like motoring. We enjoyed watchign on-line while it was being built and tracking it on the boat over here to the US.

I also have tons of jars (although here in the US we call them Mason jars). Most of the ones I have come from my mom, my grandmas or my great grandmas. Gotta love it. Whenever I can something I think about what was in there every year it was used.