Thursday, 5 February 2009


Snow! Yes snow here in warm sunny Somerset, normally we get a light dusting that lasts about 2 hours before melting off but today the whole of the county has ground to a halt, the buses and trains aren't running, there isn't enough salt to grit the roads and best of all the schools are shut (meaning Rich gets a day off!!) this all just goes to show how rubbish the English are at coping with snow.

Anyway, as no one else was bothering to do any work today we didn't want to be left out, so we got up and went for a walk.

Here's me not feeling guilty about not doing any work on the garden today...

Here's the lane that leads from our cottage to the fields, not many cars where braving it.

Doesn't Bath look pretty in the snow!

Rich and the snowman he built...

and me with the snow dog I built (with help from Rich!)...

And then it was back home for hot chocolate and cake, much better than working!

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Lucy @ In the Sky With Hens said...


I made a mini snow cat today but the ears melted off in the sun :(

We've STILL got snow here and tomorrow it'll have been a full week since it first fell. Amazing!