Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Moving On...

...Not forgetting but time to move on I think.

Well for obvious reason we haven't really been up to much, funny how much time missing someone can eat up in a day!

The weather has just been to appalling to go anywhere near the garden, which has been very neglected for the last 2 months what with one thing and another, hopefully this weekend I will get some time to get out there and tidy up a bit, I will also be making decisions on veg to plant in the spring soon.

Much of our time this week as been spent indoors, desperately trying to get some artwork done and also tidying up after Christmas.

I have finally stopped sweeping up pine needles, thank god, kept finding them embedded in my socks.

A few flowers around the place to make me smile.

Here is a little project Rich and I did last week, I found this old cotton reel in a junk shop in Shropshire, so we made it into a lovely candle stick to go next to the stove. Very shitty chic as my Dad would say!


Carrie said...

shitty chic - that's a fab choice of words - hahaha. It's beautiful, I have a real love for things that same so mundane, common (at the time of use) and simple; they always seem to be well made and ohh the stories they could tell. I love your candle holder.

steelkitten said...

That's a novel use for a Sadler Kitchenware pot! I have two over here in red. And love the candlestick!