Sunday, 25 July 2010

More Secondhand Rubbish!

Ok, I know its supposed to be a gardening blog, but some of the cool secondhand stuff we pick up is just so great I have to show people!

Isn't the old travel trunk AMAZING! I loved it the moment I saw it propped against a dirty old transit! the very nice people who sold it to us wanted £5 but I mercilessly beat them down to £2.50! No idea what we'll do with it, it would make excellent storage for winter woolies.

I'm so chuffed with these, I love old pictures and have a thing for old etchings!

This pretty flower one isn't that old, its repro but quite a nice one and at only £1 down from £2 I couldn't say no.

This is definitely the find of the day, I LOVE it way more than is healthy, we already have several very old etchings of Oxford, this one is of a school in Newcastle. The guy wanted £5 but we only had £3, which he very kindly excepted after I said it would be much loved at our house! Its now hanging next the Oxford one in our bedroom.

Rich also did well this week with a whole roll of large wood drill bits (£1) and a rev counter for the Landrover  (£2 down from £3, He's been after one for about a year!) no pics as Rich is taking the rev counter apart and making little happy noises, I hate to disturb him when he's having fun!

The only question remains is why are we buying more stuff when we're trying to sell the house?!  Who knows, its definitely some sort of affliction!


steelkitten said...

Great finds, especially that trunk. I'm keeping my beady eyes open for one at the moment to function as a coffee table and DVD storage unit. They're just so handy.

Lucy @ Smallest Smallholding said...

I don't know how you do it, Kat. Are you one of those (slightly insane) people that get up super early to get the best deals? I never seem to come across anything of interest at our local car boots... I tend to end up at the plant man's stall.

Kat said...

No I can't say we get up supper early, I usually try to get there for about 9ish (although Rich would say thats super early for a Sunday!)
Rich reckons I just have a good eye! Of course living in Bath helps, the quality of junk round here is usually very good!!

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