Thursday, 7 October 2010

Still Here....

....Grrrr why, why does selling a house take so loooong! How very boring the whole process is, and why do people who are selling house to other people think its ok to not have any of the vital paper work that potential buyers need to see ready and waiting?!

Calming you can tell we still have not moved, but you really don't want to hear all about that, its boring and results in me swearing colourfully. So what else have we been doing besides tearing our hair out. Not much actually, hair pulling takes up a crazy amount of time, as does the number of jobs we have recently got from our agents. The exact same thing happened last year in the run up to the wedding, although I cant complain as we really do need the money...mostly to pay the enormous solicitors bill for all this extra leg work he's doing!!!....calm...calm.

So I thought I'd put up some picks from our recent 1 year anniversary trip to London...

We stayed in Kensington just up the road form the Natural History Museum, which was as brilliant as I remember it being when I was 12!

Look me next to dinosaur!

I was amazed that Rich had never been, I think its fair to say he was pretty impressed and its free to get in...FREE!!!

Another reason for visiting the Natural History Museum was that over the summer they have been running and exhibition called Butterfly Explorers, which is basically a big poly tunnel on the front lawn, full of live butterflies!

Knowing my obsession with butterflies Rich kindly indulged me by taking pics of my holding them, it was amazing, the best part of the whole weekend!

After all that culture and butterfly taming I dragged Rich off to Spitalfields Market on the Sunday, it was brilliant! I think Rich lasted about an hour and a half before he'd had enough of the crowds!!

So I whisked him off to the Tate for a calming coffee and muffin (how much to they charge for a bloody muffin at the Tate!! it is only a snack not modern art!) Sadly no pics of the Tate as we ran out of shots! 

So a pretty good weekend, a nice break from the monotony of the house stuff....can I go again this weekend please!!