Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Returning To Weird Carrots!

Well I've been back for about a week but have been hampered by the weather and my own lazyness form taking any worth while photos.

I finally got round to it this morning when we had a brief glimpse of the sun (so dont be fooled, Bath doesnt always look this sunny!)

The Cauliflower plugs have been in about a month now and seem to be doing well, I am having to go and pick the caterpillars off them each morning put despite the odd wholes munched by them the little Cauli's seem to be storming along.

I put in some Broccoli plugs next to the Cauli's, again I feel as if I'm cheating a bit but with everything going on right now I haven't had time to grow stuff from seed so this will have to do. Lets hope the caterpillars leave them alone till their a big bigger and able to cope with the onslaught.

I'm pretty proud of the herb bed, its really filled out and everything seems pretty happy, it gets quite a bit of sun and I think the wall behind helps as it tends to store the heat of the day so they stay pretty warm all the time.

Something else I'm really pleased with right now is the raspberries, their huge! not bad for the twiggy stumps we were given the end of last winter. I don't know why I'm so surprised, this is the sort of thing Raspberries are supposed to do, as any veg gardener knows but I still find it terrible exciting when I plant some thing and it doesn't immediately die!

The Raspberries at All Golds but for some reason one of the off shoots has decided to produce red berries? I thing you can just make them out in the middle of the photo, is this something Raspberries normal do or is mine just a big freak?

Speaking of freaks, marvel are my wonderfully weird carrots!

I don't care, the fact that they grew at all was amazing, and they taste lovely.

That's it for now, hopefully another up date at the weekend with pics of how Rich and his Dad got on with laying the tile floor and surprise, surprise, here come the rain again...


Alan said...

Careful with the weird Carrots picts. They can get a bit racy. Good luck with your broc. There is no cheating in the garden. get it growing how ever you can and enjoy the harvest.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kat,

I think I know what happened to your carrots, because I had the same problem.

I am afraid that the soil was not dug deep enough, and it was too hard for the roots to find room to grow. Also, some of them seem strangled, maybe by other carrots because they were too close to each other.

Anyways, what's important is the taste :-) and if they are weird, eating them is even funnier!

Your blog is wonderful; I follow it everyday from Spain, where the tomatoes are having a late season.