Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Planting Toms

What a hectic weekend, an art show, my parents coming for a nice visit and the fridge freezer packing up all in the space of 3 days!

Anyway some where in between all that I managed to get my little toms planted up, they have been needing a little more room for a week or so, especially the Giant Delicious which are romping away! I'm seeing a future containing a lot of tomato soup and some cracking pasta sauces! Unfortunately the lovely little Sungolds (which we grew last year and are the sweetest little toms Ive ever eaten) have been slugged!! I had 4 going really well and I went to the greenhouse the other morning to find slimy stumps where there was once healthy plants. So I now have 1 remaining plant, I'm going to start some more seeds off but think it may be a little late now?

So on to planting the survives! I picked up some organic compost and planted the toms in large plastic tubs again, this seemed to work well the last few years we've done it.

In total I planted up 4 of the Giant Delicious and the sad remaining Sungold!

They are now nice and snug in the greenhouse and will hopefully start putting on some good growth. I also had 2 good sized Basil plants that I had rescued from work, as i have mentioned before I work evenings at a local supermarket (although not for much longer thank god!) they sell flowers and herbs but apparently don't think that they need watering hence these poor plants end up dieing after a week. So a few weeks ago I found 2 Basil plants who where drooping and going brown for sale in the staff shop (for 30p each) so I brought them home for a little tlc to see if they would respond. They perked up after a few hours and a lot of water and have spend a happy few weeks on the living room window sill soaking up the sunshine. They have now been planted in a large tub in the greenhouse, I have to keep an eye on them to stop them flowering but as they are a good companion plant for Tomatoes I thing they'll do well in there.

As usual on Sunday we managed to get along to the local boot sale, I got some trailing Lobelia and these lovely enamel bowls...

They have had holes drilled in and seeds planted up in them, along with some galvanized tubs I picked up, so hopefully the Molly's Cottage Garden Mix will be making an appearance soon!

I also planted some other seeds my Mum brought me, Snap Dragon seeds! I love Snap Dragons so they've gone in one of the enamel bowls too. Mum got them given to her in the Oxfam shop when she was buying a few other bits, what a great idea giving away free seeds and in such nice packaging!

So another busy weekend, unfortunately ending in my lovely retro cream fridge breaking down (and every repair guy we ring telling us to scrap in it!) why don't these white good company's make fridges and cookers that can be repaired?! There are mountains of knackered kitchen equipment moldering away, why is it considered crazy to try to fix ours!!

The world is a very strange place at times....

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Anonymous said...

Did you know you can take the side shoots off tomatoes and pot them up? I do this with as many of the ones I prune off my tomatoes as I can - I'd only throw them in the compost otherwise. If they root you''ve got a decent size plant for free.