Sunday, 26 April 2009


Just a quick post today, I've got the art show next weekend and I'm rushing to get enough stock made up!

We did have time to nip to the Lansdown carboot this morning, unfortunately it was a bit rubbish this week, completely lacking in storm lanterns, old buckets and enamel ware! I did however find a nice lady selling plants, and she had a lovely little Wisteria called 'Amethyst Falls'!

I cant tell you how long I have wanted a Wisteria, I know they take a long time to grow but I just thing they are so beautiful, lots of the houses around Bath have them, they just look so amazing against the creamy coloured cotswold stone.

So I took out the Passion Flower we have growing up the side of the porch, its never really been happy there and has gone very leggy and sick looking. To be honest I always wanted a Wisteria there but they where just too expensive from the garden centers, but Rich said it was ok for us to spend £9 on one!

So there we are, its now sitting happily next to the Honeysuckle Rich's mum gave us last year. Mmmm a porch covered in Honeysuckle and Wisteria, how English is that!!

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