Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Things To Do On A Wet Wednesday

Yet again time seems to have run away from me, a combination of my latest illustration project and the wedding now only being 6 weeks away mean finding time for my little blog is a bit hard. However today I have somehow ended up with a day where I'm not at work, I'm waiting for my editor to get back to me and the wedding stuff can wait, this would usually mean a nice day in the garden but this being an English summer, its tipping it down...typical!

So I'm afraid this is rather an indoors post today, that being the case I thought I'd show off a couple of my latest car boot finds...

2 cute little plates, I try not to buy anything to flowery as Rich will only put up with so much chintz (poor love!) but these where pretty simple (and only £1 each!).

Which brings me on to my next bargain of the century...

a hardly used breadmaker for £7!

This was brought last Sunday and I have been waiting to try it out, so this afternoon I sorted out my ingredients and road tested it. I'm always a bit sceptical buy electrical stuff secondhand but the girl who sold me it seemed pretty genuine and assured me it was working fine. I have been wanting to be able to make my own bread for a while, I had tried it in the oven but it never seemed to go well so I'm hoping this will make it easier, its also finding the time to make bread that I struggle with (I don't usually have whole afternoons to fiddle about with it!). I love the smell as it cooks, really yeasty, it reminds me of when my Dad uses to make his own beer when I was younger, their kitchen always smelled the same.

So from now on the neighbours wont have to listen to me shouting "We're out of s*dding bread again!!" at 10.30 at night the day before I have to be in work..., now they'll hear me shout "we're out of s*dding yeast again!!!" instead.

Anyway, the breadmaker took a couple of hours (and makes more noise than my washing machine, not to mention nearly bouncing off the counter top!) so while all this was going on I make one of Richards favourites, Anzac biscuits.

After a long hard day at work and getting drenched cycling home, its amazing what a cup of tea and a few biscuits home made will do!

A day well spent I think!


Maureen said...

Looking at your bread makes me wish I had tried for the free breadmaker on freecycle now, it was apparently hardly used. oh well ! maybe another one will come up. The biscuits look yummy too.

Carrie said...

Definatley a day well spent - any day where you end up with a house smelling for freshly baked bread and biccies is a winner!

Beach Bum said...

I enjoy using a bread maker. There are other ways to make bread though, that don't involve fussing about all day. Check this out: