Wednesday, 8 July 2009

General Stuff

Where have the last 2 weeks gone? I don't know, you do a few jobs around the house, have a weekend in Shropshire visiting the P's and suddenly 2 weeks of your life have rushed past!

I'm struggling to keep on top of all the jobs that need doing around here, the garden included, what with Illustration jobs, the Library and just general house stuff we never seem to get any time off! I must admit I'm looking forward to our Honeymoon in September!

Last weekend was pretty productive, I managed to finally finish planting up my latest parcel of stuff from Stephen over at Victorian Nursery's.

This lot arrived about 10 days ago, most of the stuff went in straight away, but we got send a varied selection of Chillies which have been sitting on the living room window sill for a week until I brought some more compost!

Anyway their now happy in the greenhouse with the Tomatoes which are shooting up! we have quite a few green fruits on them, I really am looking forward to home made tomato soup!

We also got 10 Chives to put in the dead space down the side of the bed with the Onions and Sweetcorn in like they have here.

We have been having some lovely weather here, just the right amount of warm sun and the odd shower, everything seems to be going mad, for instance here is the Sweetcorn about 10 days ago when I planted the Chives...

and here it is about 10 minuets ago...

It is now hip height, I really hope we get some veg off them!

There are some down sides to the bouts of wet we've been having, the army's of Slug and Snails seem to be massing under the Rhubarb and have once again decimated my brand new Peas! Here they where 2 weeks ago...

and now...

I've had to resort to the old slug pellets to defend the few plants I have left, we've managed to save 6 out of 20 plants! and that was all in one rainy night! Those slimy little b%*@£*$s!!!
Grrr (calming breath!)

We how also have some lovely Beetroot in where my Globe Artichoke was (another minor disaster, ants made a nest under it and eat the middle out of it. It was fine one evening and I came down next morning to find it dead and shriveled, and after I managed to save it from the slugs too!) So the Beetroot has taken over this part of the bed next to the Sweetcorn and seem to be doing well.

Its not just the plants who have been enjoying this nice weather, this little minx has been coming down the veg patch in the mornings to watch me jump up and down and swear when I find something else has been eaten during the night...

The sun has also meant that we managed to get the new shelving unit for the kitchen finished last weekend. After Rich hacked 4 inches out of the back it needed a fresh coat of paint, then the fun task of hang the bloody thing (Rich now has no skin left of his knuckles poor love!) here it is after most of Sunday morning and A LOT of colorful language...

and here it is after I finished putting all the stuff on it (see, I get to do the nice jobs!)

I really love it, and it goes so well with the oak work tops and retro fridge.

So a busy few weeks, although as ever you get 1 job done and there are still 600 to go! I shall go and calm down by looking at my pretty geraniums.


Lucy @ In the Sky With Hens said...

Aw kat, I love looking at pics of your house and garden - it always makes me want to try harder with my place! Your house looks so cosy and pretty, so homely! Seriously, you make me want to get up and attempt to complete at least one of the 600 jobs we have on our 'to do' list too! Looking forward to more posts (and we're off to a car boot're a bad influence ;)!)

Maureen said...

Hi there it's been a while since I visited your blog. I'm glad I did as your kitchen looks lovely, it has a real homely vintage look, I love it.
It's a real problem dealing with slugs after all this rain, I hate the slimy little beggars, why can't pigeons eat them instead of the brassicas, that would be an ideal world !!