Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Bank Holiday Weekend Part 1!

I warn you now, these are going to be very picture heavy couples of posts, sorry but there was just too much to take pics of this weekend!

Mum and her woofer Eddie came to stay this weekend, as it was the Bank Holiday (for anyone outside the UK, it means we get Monday off too, woohoo!) so as usual the weather forecast was abysmal, pretty standard for this country!
However we actually managed to dodge most of the showers and had a brilliant weekend, Saturday Mum and I went into Bath (Rich gave us a bit of girly time and selflessly stayed home and played on his Xbox, what a kind chap he is!)
There was much looking in shops and having of lunches (as usual), if its a dry day in Bath it is now law that we go to the Walcot Saturday Market, Rich and I have procured many treasures there over the years and this weekend was no exception...

Now some of you may wonder why exactly I would want a Lobster Pot, in my defence...its so pretty! I couldn't leave it on the nice ladies stall, its just so amazing, I'm going to keep loo roll in it in the bathroom!
Anyway after all the strenuous buying of useless fishing equipment we spend the evening with our feet up!
Sunday we managed to get in the garden between rain clouds, we even got the odd bit of sunshine, we had had our latest parcel from Victoriana Nursery on Friday night so I was itching to get as much planted up as possible.

I got my Auriculas planted in lovely little terracotta pots...

That's the meter cabinet their sitting out, I hate those horrid white boxes, its right on the front of our cottage too, luckily with the bench in front of it and these little plants on top its not to bad now!

We also planted the Sweet Peas up on the patio this year, they are my favourite flower and I wanted them where I could see them all the time...

I can't wait for that amazing scent they have, smells like summer to me!

Here's our Goji Berry next to the pond, its in a nice deep pot, hopefully this will keep it happy!

As you can see the tomatoes are going well, the odd bit of sun really helps things along.

I seem to have had a very wicker heavy weekend this week, I brought 2 more of these willow wigwams from Gardenalia for the bargain price of £20 for the 2, I hope my Peas appreciate my bargain hunting!

I ordered another 10 Chive plants, I think I have mentioned that I was trying to line the edge of the veg beds with them, as this always seems to be a bit of a dead area, I love Chives not only are the great in food but they are so pretty when they flower.

Another herd I wanted to try was Fennel, I've never grown it before (and am not entirely sure how you use it!) but I'm willing to try anything this year! 2 Plants are now at home in one of the Belfast sinks (as it was the only spot I had left!)

And lastly my Brussels Sprouts, they are tucked into a corner where they can be left to just get on with things!

We also have more of the Boltardy Beetroot which we grew last year but I haven't cleared a space for that yet, and more Chillie plants than you can shack a hot spicy stick at (Rich is very pleased!) Those I'll plant up tomorrow.

Phew, I think I need a weekend off after all that!

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