Monday, 10 May 2010

More Car Boot Goodness!

Arrr finally the car boot season is up and running again, and like an addict I breath a sigh of relief!

So what bargains did I bag this weekend ( I can tell you really can't wait to see!) well not that much actually, it was threatening rain which put a lot of people off, not us though!

I got a MASSIVE Foxglove for £4, something that looks like a really big Cornflower (not label) for £2 and half a dozed duck eggs for £1.50....

I have wanted to try duck eggs for ages, but our local shop only sells hen eggs. I can't believe how huge they are! Apparently they make good cakes, that's the only excuse I need!
Anyway here's the plants in there new home by the pond...

The rest of Sunday was spent potting up Rich's Chillies, my Beetroot and some French Runner Beans Rich got me...

...and yet another willow wigwam!

Its all looking a bit Beatrix Potter! ( if you ignore the half coke bottles on the raspberry posts...and the big white motor home in the background...and the concrete garage, ok it doesn't look at all like Beatrix Potters garden)

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