Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Moving On Up

Ok so huge apologize for the lack of posts, but here is the reason...

Yes peeps, its time to let someone else take on the Shoestring Garden, after much sole searching we have decided to try to buy another house that we have seen (in here you should probably insert the sentence "Kat badgered and harangued Rich into buying another house mere weeks after finally finished our existing house")

The reason for the move are many and varied...ok no there not, basically we just need a bigger house, ours is only 1 bedroom and we always knew we'd have to move eventually. Working from home takes up a lot of space and quite frankly we've run out of it.

So were will we be jetting off to if the house sale gods see fit to bless us...

Well about 2 doors over actually!

So things are a little tense right now, we have to wait to see if anyone wants a little cottage like ours (with an amazing garden attached!), we're not kidding our selfs here, the chances of us getting the new place are slim...I'll probably be back on here in a week saying we're staying put!

So the garden posts will continue unless something major happens, and of course the blog will move with us if we go! On the plus side the new place has a bigger garden, a whole 5 feet wider, I can hardly wait!!!

Fingers crossed!

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Lucy @ Smallest Smallholding said...

I'm catching up on everyone's posts after a mad few weeks; seems I'm not the only one who's been madly busy. Wouldn't have it any other way though ;) Good luck with the house purchase; I'm sure your little cottage will be the perfect home for someone out there, from the pics it looks gorgeous and homely. and although small, perfectly formed! I hope it all works out for you :)