Monday, 2 March 2009

First Spuds In!

Woohoo, the first spuds of the year are in, they have been sat chitting on my front room window sill for a month now, and looked ready to go to work.

So the beds got a good dig over yesterday and a nice layer on compost to help them along. I am putting the spuds in the bed that had the onions in last year, I don't have a lot of room for rotating as I only have 3 small beds (and the peas will be going into the same one again!), hopefully they'll be happy here.

Its very satisfying to finally be digging again! I also saw the first signs of life in little pots in the greenhouse this weekend, my little peas are stating to pock their way though! I can't wait to be eating fresh peas this spring!

The Garlic I planted at Christmas is also on its way...

...and here are further signs of the approaching season.

we suddenly have millions of purple crocuses every where, I even spotted tiny green shots on my Grape and Raspberries!!!

I will have to go and have a sit down, this is all to exciting!


Carrie said...

utterly fab - thank goodness for spring, i was slowly dying a painful death over winter. we're not planting our spuds til St Patrick's Day - irish tradition. but our beans are growing and the garlic is romping away - very exciting indeed!

by the wat love the garlic sink and your soil looks great!

Maureen said...

Wow you have been very busy. My spuds are growing healthy sprouts, but I have only just started preparing the beds. My broad beans will be in by the week-end, the garlic is growing like mad, and I can't wait to harvest my first ever batch of purple sprouting broccoli, ( almost ready to pick) Oh the good life is fab.

Paul and Melanie said...

Not sure I'm brave enough to get spuds in yet, think I'll wait till the end of the month (lol need that long to get the bed ready I think...) but I'm pleased to see you've put yours in closer together than I did last year. I had a feeling I'd spaced them a bit far appart but wasn't sure, think I'll follow your advice this time around. :)