Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Tiles, Seedlings & Bunting

Phew what a busy week I've just had, sorry for the little blog break but I had a week in Shropshire with Mum & Dad doing some much need organizing and decision making about the wedding, it all seems to be coming together well and Rich and I are stating to get pretty excited about it now!

While I was away Rich was yet again doing more tile laying in our cottage, you may remember that we (and by that I mean Rich!) laid our quarry tile floor in the living room, we had always intended to do the whole ground floor of the cottage but as its very small and Rich's time is limited we are having to do one room at a time. Last week was the turn of the dinning room/my work room/hall/room thats too damn small to do much with! Once again Rich was helped out by his Dad who gave up a weeks holiday to put himself through mild physical torture on his knees on a cold concrete floor (thanks Rick!!) and the result as you can see is beautiful!

Rich has also been watering my seedlings in the greenhouse for me, they seem huge after not seeing them for so long, the Peas are going really well, I'm hoping to plant then out this weekend (hopefully the frost will keep off!)

The Onions are also doing really well, I need to get some more on the go this week, but its quite exciting growing them from seed!

My Tomatoes have also at long last made an appearance, helped along by the warm weather at the beginning of last week.

I'm hoping to get a few hours in the garden some time this week so I will have a better up date on whats happening.

My next little project (in between working on artwork, stuff for my shop, the garden and my part time job!) is making stuff for the wedding, Mum and I managed to get some really lovely fabric last week, including some beautiful old hand stitched linen place mat's from a charity shop (for the grand total of £3.30!) we'll be using these to stand kilner jars full of wild flowers on at the reception.

And as buying ready made bunting is so exspensive I'm going to try making my own...

I have a feeling this week is going to be just as busy!


Magic Cochin said...

SNAP! we have the same sewing machine :-) Isn't it great! I used it to make my wedding dress.

It must have stitched round the world a few times in its lifetime!

Good luck with your exciting plans.


(that floor's fantastic - hope the guys had a beer to celebrate)

Kat said...

Thanks Celia

I love my sewing machine, it was a freecycle get amazingly! i alter and customize a lot of clothes so its brilliant!


p.s yes the boys had more than one celebratory beer, they deserved it!

mangocheeks said...

What a lovely and inspirational blog. You are so talented and creative. I also love the way you convert recycled goods to something rather attractive. Wow! Good luck to you and Rich with the wedding plans:)
PS I have just set up a new blog, pls do come by and visit sometime. You will always be welcome.

Eco Gites of Lenault said...

Oooh - a wedding - excellent news :-) When's the big day?

Rosie x

Kat said...

The weddings September 12th, so a little way off yet (giving my plenty of time to get to grips with making all that bunting!)