Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Happy Birthday!

Two Birthday s actually, I have just realized that my little blog was a year old on the 2nd of March! so a slightly belated Blog Birthday to me, which brings me on the the more important Birthday of the two.

Happy Birthday to my lovely Dad who is 60 today! I have mentioned my Dad on here before so I won't go on to much (but just enough to make him feel embarrassed!) sufficed to say he's had a very crap year, there's nothing like a load of medical professions killing off your bone marrow then pumping you full of drugs to really put a dampener on your day, put he has come through it all wonderfully (in fact we recons he has more hair now its grown back than he had before, score!)

So this is just to say we are all so proud of you Dad, we weren't ready to do without our silly old bear just yet!


sally whelan said...

love you daddy!

Eco Gites of Lenault said...

Happy Birthday Kat's Dad!

Rosie x

Carrie said...

happy birthday to you both! I wish many more to come x