Tuesday, 7 April 2009


Sorry for the lack of posts, usually I have a nice big one after a weekend of sunshine and ordering Rich about. I was really looking forward to Sunday, I had a whole day of planting planned however whatever it was I eat on Saturday night decided that wasn't to be. I'm now into my 3rd day of feel awful, although I'm slightly better than I was on Sunday which ended up with me lying on the sofa trying not to throw up and shivering with 2 blankets and the fire going full blast! God I hate being poorly, it doesn't happen very often so I always think I'm dieing when it does!

Saturday was a better day (before I ate the dubious stew in the evening) we had a few months back been given a load of logs by a lovely lady who had had some branches from one of her trees come down. She was looking to have the rest of the tree felled as it was unsafe and had said at the time we could come and collect as much as we wanted. Anyway Saturday was the day so we went to load up our trusty little car (which is brilliant but we are seriously considering trading it in for some sort of pick-up), we ended up getting 2 car fulls of very large logs which just needed cutting.

Rich spent most of the rest of the day sawing and chopping, and I stacked the result in the new wood shelter, we where going well until the handle on our axe broke! I feel another trip to the DIY shop coming on...

Anyway as you can see we now have enough wood to last us through the winter and we haven't chopped all the logs yet!

By Sunday morning I was feeling pretty dreadful but dragged myself out to the veg patch hoping the fresh air would stop me feeling sick, I managed to get the Pea wigwams up in the prepared Pea bed.

I got about half way though planting the Peas when I had to give in and crawl back to the house in defeat, but the lovely Rich finished planting them out for me, I need to start some more off in the greenhouse but that will have to wait will I can stand to smell of compost again!

Rich made a nice job of it didn't he!

So there we are, hopefully a better post after next weekend as I'm expecting a delivery of plants and I shall be out planting them even if I do feel like death!!


Magic Cochin said...

Hope you're feeling much better soon. You're garden's looking great - how satisfying.


Carrie said...

Ah my dear Kat, I too am poorly (as is wee Maggie), it totally sucks and we emphathise with you. {hugs}.

Hope you're better soon. Good bloggette though, even in the throws of sickness! I'm off to lie down now too, boo hoo.

mangocheeks said...

Hope your feeling better :)

Even in your sick state, you are so well prepared at your plot, esp with the pea wigwams going up. Wow.