Wednesday, 22 April 2009


Every time I think 'right I shall go and pot up some seeds today!' I get an email from my agent, or someone buys something from my shop or I remember I really must get my wedding invites finished and printed to send out, I'm not complaining as it great to be busy and god knows we need the money right now but I feel I don't get a chance to breath sometimes!!

Soon I'll have even less time or maybe more I haven't decided yet... I've managed to get a new part time job! one I actually wanted instead of something I just do to pay the mortgage. From next month I shall be working a few days a week a the local Library as a Stock Assistant, I'm really excited as I really wanted this job but was convinced I would never get it as I was sure there would be far more quantified people applying for it. This is official proof that I am slowly turning into my mother (she's worked in Library's for the last 15 years) Richard will be so pleased! But mmmm books!!

Anyway back to the garden, we had another busy weekend as it was so beautiful, Rich managed to get sunburned after about 5 mins of being outside!

I got some of my Sweetcorn planted up...

and the rest of my early spuds in (a bit late but never mind!)...

The Raspberries have suddenly taken off like crazy, they need a bit of a trim to keep them in line actually, there also sending bloody runners out all over the garden, I keep finding little Raspberries shoots trying to come up in the middle of the Strawberry bed, you can tell they from the same family as Brambles!

The Apple trees are in bloom, I love this as the whole orchard is now alive with bees.

Another major reason why I love April sooo much is the Lansdown Car Boots start up again!! Woohoo, stuff and junk at bargain prices! This year we are on a bit of a mission to get stuff for the wedding in September, I need as many storm lanterns as me and my mum can find (to be hung in trees in the little field where the reception will be held!) I'm also on the hunt for old enamel buckets or tubs, as the ever generous Stephen and Serena over at Victorian Nursery's have very kindly given Rich and I several packets of free Molly's Cottage Garden Mix as a wedding present, the idea being to plant the buckets up and come September have beautiful cottage garden flower displays around the reception! Lets hope I can find enough contains in time.

Sunday turned up a new storm lantern (£1) and some old cast iron shelf brackets (£2)

The rest of the day was spent on trying to build me a display stand for an up and coming art show (Rich would like it pointed out here that THIS is how he got sun burned and not sitting around drinking beer of anything!) anyway like a trooper he slaved all day making me a wonderful stand out of 2 old doors...

and a pile of old gash timber...

Its going to look amazing when its all painted up with my little Circuses on it!

So slowly, slowly me make a little progress.


Carrie said...

Fab news all round - new job (which will make you happier), car boot sales baack and all the treasure hunting fun you can handle,Sweetcorn on it's way, yumm, a lovely sounding wedding planned (I want to do it all over again!) and an art show to show off your work. Hoorah! Good times.

Gary Jen Sammie and Ruby said...

Hi Kat ,
Love the blog - have been following you for a while.
Maybe you could link to my site, as I have to yours.
Check it out at

I'd also like to use a banner link - like yours - to Victoriana Nurseries - Can you let me have the html code, or perhaps check with S Shirley first?

steelkitten said...

Congratulations on the job. It will be wonderful to work among all that knowledge and information.