Thursday, 25 February 2010

Peachs & Apricots!

Finally we managed to get our Peach all planted and snug! This is our second Peach Tree from Victoriana Nursery's, we decided to give our first one away to Rich's sister Gemma for her birthday ( Gem send me a pic when its all planted up!!) there's nothing like family forcing fruit trees on you!!

So we got another for our garden and decided to go for an Apricot as well (you can never have enough soft fruit!) We decided to plant the Apricot (Hargrand) up on the edge of our little lawn, in front of where the chicken coop will be going (yes, its happening this year for definite, watch this space!!) the orchard at the bottom of the garden is now full so we're having to squeeze trees and bushes in where we can, I want to make the whole garden as productive as possible!

Rich kindly obliged by digging the hole despite a nasty cold (arr my poor lovely!)

Ok I know it doesn't look amazing now, its looks like a twig BUT it is a twig with potential!!

Heres Rich with the Peach twig (sorry I mean Peach Tree Red Haven)!

This tree we planted nearer the house in a flower bed that is a sun trap in the Spring and Summer, we previously had a ornamental cherry in here but I dug it up in favour of a more useful tree (don't worry the cherry was re-homed on freecycle)

Its nice to be outside again doing something productive in the garden, I feel Spring is just around the corner...

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