Sunday, 27 June 2010

6 Months

Another Sunday morning and another carboot sale (the best way to spend a Sunday in my opinion!) When we go round the boots sale I have a little list in my head of things to look for, stuff for us, stuff for friends, keeping an eye out for unusual presents I can squirrel away until the right time. When I see the prefect thing for someone it is the most exciting moment, then the rush to get to the stall before someone else beats me to it and the haggle (its only the right thing if I can get it at the right price!)

This morning wandering round I got that little shiver of excitement, "Dad would LOVE that" I thought, oh ya...right... laps of memory there..."Dad would have loved that" I'm 6 months to the day to late.

So Rich and I brought it anyway, in the knowledge that yes Dad would have loved that, so we'll have to love it for him.

Dad would also have appreciated my haggling skills, should have been £10, I got it for £5!

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Katie said...

We still miss those we love who have left us but the gratitude of having known them will one day conquer the loss.:-)