Saturday, 12 April 2008

Finishing Fences

A bit dull as titles go but that's what we've spent most of today doing, poor Rich was dragged out of bed and made to nail chicken wire to wooden posts, just what you want first thing on a Saturday morning!

The posts for the fence went in a couple of weeks ago but we've been waiting for the green coated wire so we could finally finish it off, its only taken us about 2 years to fence the whole length of the garden, that's pretty quick for us! Here's Rich slaving away in the rain:

I've been growing some climbing nasturtiums and sweet peas in the green house for training up the fence once it was finished, the rain finally stopped about lunch time meaning I could have a happy hour planting out.

Hopefully the nasturtiums will be very prolific, they should be pretty good companion plants to most of what we have it the veg plot, plus we can use the flowers in salads, their quite peppery tasting like watercress.
I also brought a sad looking little mint from B&Q's discount section last Sunday, its had a week in the greenhouse with plenty of water which seems to have perked it up no end, I love buying plants from the discount shelves at garden centers, it somehow feels like you're rescuing them! (or this could just be me justifying spending MORE money on plants, I haven't decided yet).
As Mint likes semi shade (not something we have a lot of in our garden) its now by the greenhouse door where it's shady in the afternoon.

So a pretty busy morning, then we made the mistake of nipping to Morrison's to pick up bits for tea, I now know why Rich goes food shopping without me! I was pretty good though, I only brought one plant and it was one I've been after for a while. It was a Solanum or Climbing Potato, sounds a bit weird doesn't it, it's basically a climber like a honeysuckle but from the same family as the potato, its little white flowers are pretty much the same too. This will also be trained up the new fence.

Then on the way back from Morrison I made Rich stop at Gardenalia, and ended up buying one of these:

So in conclusion I may be poorer but at least my garden looks great!

And lastly before I go, here's a quick shot of our finished fireplace (this is so my parents can have a look at Rich's handy work, I think he did really well don't you Dad?!)

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Laurel said...

i have to admit that fireplace looks ace.
sorry might look like im stalking you but honestly dad told me about the site so i desided to check it out.