Friday, 18 April 2008

More Bricks...Again!

I realize I may be slightly obsessed with old bricks, I have somehow ended up with quite a lot of them, mostly in the veg patch, sorry I cant help it they just looks so lovely.

So this week I have actually managed to get in the garden after work for a few hours, I blame this for me being so knackered that I have managed to sleep through my morning alarm 3 times so far this week, thank god it's Friday!
Mostly what we've been going is sorting out is the 2 old sinks that have been happily sporting a lovely crop of weeds up by our shed for the last year or so, finally I'd had enough of looking at them and pressed Rich into action to move the damn heavy buggers. As I have mentioned before our garden is on a fairly substantial slope (I almost killed my Father and Rich's Dad when we moved into our cottage by the shear amount or crap that needed hauling up this 60ft slope) we for this reason have a sack truck in the shed, on those occasions when the various treasures I come home with are to damned heavy to carry up the north face of the Eiger we use this.

Anyway, Rich moved the old sinks (which did make a spirited attempt to crush him to death under a runaway sack truck, luckily hes a strong boy!), they now have a new useful life on the veg patch containing (instead of stinging nettles) a large crop of Rocket (hopefully) and the other full of mixed salad (again fingers crossed), I'm hoping that with a little ring of copper tape round the top of the sinks the slugs and snails will be discouraged from scoffing the lot.
You may also notice the wire mesh on the tops of the sinks, these are our ingenious anti-cat-crap devices!

On Thursday I also finished of the herb bed so now it looks a bit neater, I've replaced the old crappy wood edging with some gorgeous old red facier bricks that Richard's mum gave us, they had been in an unused pile in the garden of the last house they lived in, when they came to move Rich's mum thought it was a shame for them to be wasted so gave us the lot! I think we got about 25 of them all in pretty good nick too, so they are now gracing my herb bed, and they look great next to the brick paths. This also has the bonus of giving me a slightly longer bed so this weekend I will mostly be found perusing the herbs at the garden center.

See I told you I was obsessed with old bricks, I think I may need professional help!

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