Monday, 28 April 2008

Warm & Toasty

Hooray, we have a working stove! ha, our heating is going off and our money is now going to the nice lady who runs our local farm shop in exchange for several bags of her pre-dried apple wood harvested from their orchard and NOT bloody sucking British Gas! hahahahaha!

I am so wowed by this little stove, I can't stop playing with it (Rich is being very patient with me, as he has lived in houses with fires and log burners for about 20 years so this is nothing new), its totally magic, you put screwed up newspaper and kindling (made from smashed up pallet wood) and a few logs in and suddenly our front room is toasty and warm. Its never been toasty and warm...ever, even with the central heating going full blast and me wearing two jumpers (I, like most girls have rubbish circulation meaning my hands and feet are always cold). Why didn't we do this a year ago?!

I must admit there's something so liberating about building your own fire and keeping it going, being responsible for your own warmth and comfort rather than just taking the easy option and flicking a switch, I love nipping down to the greenhouse to pick out some logs and kindling (we will eventually have a wood store, when Rich get 5 mins to build one!), I some how feel like we are making a small difference ( I'm still in the log burner honeymoon period, I'm not mad!)

So a big thank you to Rich's Mum and Dad for talking us into the idea and buying us our wonderful little Stovak Stockton 3 and my Dad for making us our hole in the wall to put it in (including ye olde fence post that now looks like an authentic oak lintel that has been there for 200 years)

We are very lucky (and warm) bunnies!

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artslice said...

Hello Kat -
Looks super warm and cozy! I have just found your blog from purple podded peas and am so inspired by all your brick work! What creativity putting it in your garden rows. I am going to use your ideas as inspiration in my own back yard. (the previous owners left stacks and stacks of bricks and I've always wanted to use them somehow:)

All good things,