Monday, 21 April 2008

Weekend Pottering

God damn you April! whats up with the weather!!!

Another tense weekend of me sitting indoors looking longingly out at the rain, I managed to briefly get outside on Sunday but it was really over cast all day, it never quite seemed to get going.

Having said that I did manage to get the rest of our potatoes in (finally) and the ones that went in last month are starting to show through, hopefully I'll be able to squeeze a row of parsnips in with them (I don't like parsnip's, so these are going in on Rich's request!), also my hastily replaced onion set have all come up, the older ones are also looking pretty good.

My Carrot's are now in, I started them off in the green house this year, as every other year I've planted them straight in the ground and that has been pretty disastrous, I think I got one carrot last year. I've wedged them in by the peas (their supposed to be good companion plants) so we'll see how they go.

No new plants this weekend, the money was instead spent on 2 sacks of logs from the farm shop up the road, hopefully we'll have a fully working log burner by next weekend (fingers crossed), and at some point we'll be sorting out a wood store in the garden too so plenty of jobs to keep us occupied for a while!

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