Saturday, 17 May 2008

Fruit Cages

Whew busy week, I haven't managed to most since last weekend, also the weather went rubbish meaning my photograph's are all a bit gloomy!
Anyway Rich spend most of a day last week building my 2 fruit cages (he's so good to me!), one for the Strawberries and one for the blueberries.

All made out of canes and old pallet wood we got for free, we only had to spend money buying the fruit netting and hopefully that will last till next year, you might notice the blueberries have a pretty big fruit cage, this is so they have a bit of room to grow also the birds around here are pretty persistent, I have seen them literally throwing themselves at the netting! clever bastards! And apparently birds will fly from the ends of the earth to eat blueberries so if we want to stand any chance of ever tasting them we needed a substantial cage!

The Tomatoes are also coming along nicely, we're giving them tomato freed about once a week and they seem to like it in the greenhouse and so does the grape, its putting on loads of growth, in fact I need to look up how you go about training grape vines before it gets to big.

Hopefully I'll be able to get in the garden and do some more tomorrow, weather permitting!

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