Friday, 2 May 2008

Freecycled Goodness

I've mentioned Freecycle before, and if you are related to me then I have probably bored you to death already about how great I think it is! Bath Freecycle does seems to be particularly good, loads of people have joined meaning there is usually loads of great things up for grabs and getting rid of stuff you no longer want is usually quick and relatively easy (except for those odd people who never turn up and offer no explanation, you know who you are!)

So far over the last week and a half we have managed to get the following from fellow Bathonions:

One 4ft Compost bin, new.

One Hatchet, hardly used.

Two metal buckets, one big , one small.

A very good week! We're pretty lucky in that as Rich works from home he can nip out in the day and collect stuff while the roads a fairly quite.

We've had some truly brilliant things off Freecycle over the years, the best by far being the 3 ledge and brace pine doors that only need slight adjustments to make then fit our door frames. Other stuff we've had include an old 1905 hand turned Singer sewing machine (in perfect working order), all our raspberry canes, two grape vines, a redcurrant bush, about a dozen strawberries, 40 patio slabs and (my favourite) over 120 old red bricks. I just love that to one person all this is just so much junk but to Rich and I it is all useful, much appreciated and most importantly represent a major saving in cash, there's no way half the jobs we've managed to do would have happened without the generosity of Freecycle, we had quotes for making up 3 pine ledge and brace doors which came out at about £60 each! There was no way we could afford that so the idea was shelved till we saw the ones on Freecycle.

It is also great for getting rid of large things that would be a bugger to get to the tip (sorry "Household Recycling Centers"!), especially as we have very small cars. Our old cooker was given a new home as was the washing machine, my lovely 1940's wardrobe (this broke my heart but it went to a really nice girl so I can live with that), our old kitchen units and work tops, an old slightly battered iron double bed frame and a large wheel barrow.

I cant help but think, that in this day and age, when NOTHING is ever free and we seem to be ever more distrustful of each other it is great to see something like Freecycle thrive, a scheme where things are given away with no thought of profit (admittedly there are aways a few idiots who will try to spoil it) mostly everyone we've come into contact with, both giving and receiver things, have been nice normal, every day folk.

This may just be me but I some how find that sort on encouraging...

Right I'll stop preaching now, and go watch Richard play with his new hatchet.


Amy said...

Thanks for the basil tip, I will give it a try around my tomatoes (growing them for the first time).

Bad luck with the weather but at least you still managed to get plenty done. I bet it was also a great excuse to use your new stove!

mewmewmew said...

Bad luck with the weather but at least you still managed to get plenty done. I bet it was also a great excuse to use your new stove!

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