Monday, 5 May 2008

Let It Grow

I wish we had a three day weekend every weekend, I 'd get so much more done!

As usual for a bank holiday it has been pretty wet and crappy in Bath, but we've managed to get in the garden anyway, with occasional bouts of standing in the greenhouse while it rains.

Saturday was spend tiding up the greenhouse and potting on two more tomatoes brought from the garden center, a Sun Gold and a Super Sweet 100, these now join the two Moneymaker, the Harbinger and the Basket tomatoes, ok six is definitely enough, (even though I have room for two more!!) I really must stop buy toms.

Here's one of the Moneymaker tomato's, and you can just see the baby Basil starting to show through!

I also got round to putting the Bearded Iris I brought weeks ago in to the metal tub we got from freecycle, this will be going with my other Iris by the pond, they are apparently great for Dragonflies who like the tall stiff leaves to land on, the tub needs a few more Iris's at the one isn't enough to fill it, will have to keep an eye out at the car boots sales!

Rich spent most of Saturday chopping and stacking the wood we got given by a tree surgeon we met though freecycle, fingers crossed this may mean a great source of free wood for the future, the timber just needs to dry out for a few months before we can use it. So for now that means using the greenhouse as we don't have a log store yet, this will be job 365 on Rich's never ending list of stuff that needs building ASAP.

Space now being at a premium in the greenhouse, I though now would be a great time to rush out and buy a grape vine! So as today was another wash out Rich and I nipped out to a great garden center on the outskirts of Bath and he waited patiently as I deliberated for 15 minuets about which we should get, we ended up with a seedless desert grape as this looks most like what we would buy a the supermarket, we figured we only need to get 3 bunches from it, for it to have payed for it's self.
Grape Vines can be quite rampant if left to their own devices, on a lot of the websites I looked at when researching grapes (see I don't just jump straight in, I did proper research and every thin!) they said that you can plant the roots out side and train the vine back in through a hole in the window pane, but if you want to be able to control their growth then keeping them in a pot to inhibit the roots is a good idea, so this is what we have done.

We nipped into Morrison's on the way home to get a few bits and I found tucked at the back of the plant shelves a small pack of very sad looking Geranium plugs, in fact they look like they were started to get a bit rotten as they were too wet, so I rescued them and brought them home for on our patio. I potted then in to some of my old terracotta plant pots, I think their a bit small to cope with the damned slugs and snails yet so they can stay in the greenhouse till they put on some growth.

Speaking of which, the steady rain has meant the garden is looking very green, so many things seem to be shooting up, finally it doesn't look like bare soil any more.

The Raspberries are going mad...

...and so is the Rocket I planted a couple of weeks back, mmmmmm love Rocket!

I love this time of year, so exciting!

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Magic Cochin said...

I love this time of year - neat rows of growing shoots, orderly veg beds, tidied paths.

Great finds via Freecycle, I have a galvanised boiler like yours (but mine was from mum-in-law's shed, I think every household had one to boil nappies in!!!). And I wonder how many pots of jam were made in the jam kettle?