Friday, 9 May 2008

The Joy of Belfast Sinks

Ok "Joy" may be going a bit far (I'm not mad!) but I love Belfast sinks, we have 2 in the garden and a working one in our kitchen.
The compliment of garden sinks has been added to thanks once again to Freecycle, as usual Rich was kind enough to nip out and pick it up for me yesterday, unfortunately when he found the chaps house it was up one of the steepest hills in Bath (most of Bath is on a hill, as the whole city's build in a narrow valley), he had to park his car on double yellows and leg it up this guys drive with the sack truck, only to discover the nice man who had offered us the sink was about 80, so there was no way he would be able to help Rich get it in his car, he had to wrestle this huge belfast out of the garden, down the hill then lift it in to the back of his car, all by himself, I'm surprised he didn't give him self a hernia. I have been told that from now on any big heavy items will be collected on the weekend when I'm there to add an extra pair of hands!

This earned him some valuable brownie points, which was good because later in the day he managed to mowed over my red Jasmin, 6 Sweet Peas and my climbing Potato with the strimmer! Never mind, accidents happen, back to Morrison's for replacements!

Anyway, the new sink will be having radishes planted in it successively at 2 week intervals, so we don't end up with lots of rip ones all at once.

Elsewhere in the garden, the strawberries are coming on amazingly, they have loads of flowers on, I really need to nip down to our neighbours stables and nab some straw to put round them, to keep the developing fruit of the ground (its also discourages slugs and snails apparently) I also need to sort out some fruit netting too or the blackbirds will have them all before we get a look in.

The Potatoes are starting to show through now, I also planted these at 3 week intervals so we don't get them all at once, the Peas too have suddenly decided they want to live and have shot up the trellising I put up.

All in all the veg patch is looking pretty good right now, I can't wait to be able to eat something from it though!

Up by the house the honey suckle that Rich's mum brought us is also going mad, I really need to put some more wire up for it to hang on to.

And last but not least, another new addition to the patio, made by me out of an old reel of industrially wire I got from Freecycle , a Hare that wont run away.

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Anonymous said...

That hare looks great, you say it won't run away, but don't forget 'hare today, gone tomorrow !' sorry !