Monday, 9 June 2008

2 Weeks Off

We've been up in Shropshire for the last 2 weeks, spending some time with our parents and having a bit of a break after the bad news about my job. Hopefully I will soon be starting another blog containing bits of my artwork, and news of what I'll be working on, again hopefully I'll be able to sell some of it on-line shortly, but more news on that as it happens, now back to the garden...

... I don't know, you turn your back for 2 weeks and the whole place goes mad (especially at this time of year!), i returned home to chest high potatoes and hundreds of little pea pods waiting to ripen!

The Tomatoes are also doing well, they have been looked after by our neighbour who has kindly been watering them in this heat wave we're enjoying, they are getting pretty big and the first green tomatoes are showing, I cant wait for them to turn red!

The Honeysuckle and the Passion Flower we planted to grow up our little porch has suddenly decided it really likes the idea or growing up this little sunny wall and we came back to find it has now reached the roof, so this weekend I really need to put some more wires up for it.

We have had our first Strawberries of the summer from under the bird netting (which seems to have been a success so far!), unfortunately I forgot to recharge the camera so no pics! The 2 Blueberries are also starting to fruit, the berries are pretty small and green so far but we'll be excitedly waiting for them to go blue (well I will, Rich will get excited when their in a pie or a smoothie!)

And last but by no means least, I did promise a little bit of nice news on my last post so here it is:

Rich asked me to marry him!!!!

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