Monday, 30 June 2008

Finally, We have Spuds!

Yes at long last we have finally got some potatoes from our monstrous spud bed and may I just say they made excellent mash!

We are also eating our way through the wonderful peas, the onions don't seems to be a huge success this year, last year they were enormous, but this year they seem tiny, not quite sure what I did wrong there, I think I'll leave them in a bit long and keep my fingers crossed.

The rest of the fruit and veg is coming along nicely, the apples are still small but showing promise, I'm pretty sure we'll lose half of them in the June drop like we did last year but I'd rather that that have the branches break under the load.

Apart from vigorous weeding and watering we haven't really done much (not that was knackering enough!) I'm just letting the plants get on with it, most of our evenings at the moment are spent scrubbing tiles (the neighbours think we're mentals!)
The marmalade like glue is seriously fighting back and I'm refusing to let poor Rich run out and buy heavy duty chemicals, mainly because I don't want the horrible stuff leaching into our garden and killing the plants, the best stuff we've found so far to use is boiling hot water, ordinary Fairy Liquid and a handful of wire wool (we did try eco washing up liquid but it was total crap and would have taken 100 years to get them clean!). We're pretty sure its some sort of lips and hooves animal glue so wash up liquid that cuts through grease seems to work best.

So far we've done about 100 tiles, we recon we've probably got about another 150 to go, I think me right arm may fall off! This had better be one hell of a floor!


Amy said...

I had my first spuds yesterday and they were worth all the effort I put into digging the bed, chitting them and earthing up, not to mention all the worry about blight getting them before I had eaten a single one!

Keep going with those tiles they will look fantastic.

Magic Cochin said...

You'll be so proud when the floor's down!

Still waiting for our first spuds - another treat worth waiting for. It's a bit early for lifting onions, they usually start to bulk up when the daylight hours start to shorten.

Good luck with your illustration work

Gemma said...

Hi Kat!!! Rich and mum told me about your shoestring garden and I must say I'm "super jealous!"... I can't wait to grow more things (only got my herbs and raspberries this year).. think i need a bigger garden though first because pumpkin (whippet) keeps munching everything!.

Seriously.. BIG well done, the garden all looks soo sweet and the fruit an veg you've grown looks very tasty.. yum yum!!!

Can't wait to see what you do in the garden next, will look forward to your next post!! Got to dash now though.. Say hello to Rich for me and see you both soon!!

ps, HUGE CONGRATULATIONS on your engagement, must crack open a nice bottle next time your here, til then, take care!!!! Gemma.x