Friday, 20 June 2008


Finally, finally we can actually eat something from our garden! I love this time of year, when so many things are suddenly, over night it seems, edible.

As I planted my peas out quite early, we've been able to have some small early pods off them, I have also introduced Rich to Nasturtium flowers, he was pretty sceptical at first ("I not eating bloody flowers!") but as he loves hot and pepper food, watercress being a favourite, he was impressed with the peppery punch they have! The Radishes have also gone down well for the same reason, although its a race against the slugs to get any.

I was checking over the Strawberry patch at the weekend, only to realize loads of them had suddenly gone all lovely and red, we had bloody tons of them, despite many attempts by the local black bird population, even the presence of Stella isn't putting them off!
We had my parents staying over night and we managed to pick enough for a piggy portion for 4 people, not bad for freecycled plants!

Hopefully we'll get some more this weekend, along with some early golden raspberry's that are ripening nicely!


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