Wednesday, 11 June 2008

A Grand Day Out

We took the opportunity while we were in Shropshire to have a few days out and about, one of the place's I managed to get to see was Bodnant Gardens in Wales, the last time I was there was over 10 years ago but I always remember it being a really beautiful garden (even back then when I couldn't have care less about gardens!)

I wish my Chives looked this good!

This valley bit of the gardens is really amazing, its like a little micro climate down there so they get some great plants growing in it.

The little stream running through the valley is the old mill race, it was so peaceful down there and the fact that it was a sunny day helped to!

The old mill has been restored and is used by the National Trust as offices and tool storage now, its a really gorgeous building , I'd be happy to live it in!

As you come up out of the valley and away from the mill, you walk towards the formal gardens, these are really manicured and pretty traditional for a large old country manor.

I love these trellises, I wish this was my garden (although if it was it would be under 6 ft of weeds!)

I also really, really love these paths, they all seemed to be done in different patterns....hmmmm this is giving my ideas, Rich better watch himself, he'll be laying more bricks before he knows it!!

Ok that's enough brick paths.

God this is turning in to a monster post, sorry I got a bit carried away with the camera, it was all so lovely (and did I mention the sun, actually sunshine, in Wales no less!)
It really was a brilliant day out, I highly recommend anyone to go see for yourself, this time of year is great as so many plants are in flower.

Ok I'll stop boring you with plant photos now, tomorrow I might bore you with tile photos lucky buggers!

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