Tuesday, 5 August 2008


I love a bargain, as I may have mentioned before I am magnetically attracted to car boots sales (to Rich's eternal delight!) and insist on going whenever weather permits (mostly because this is the only place I can afford to shop these days!!)

My latest find was this old rose bowl, I think it would have had a wire mesh top at one point so you could arrange the flowers in it, anyway its copper and I loved the relief rose border on the side. Its now sitting out side on our patio table with a pretty little purple plant in it, not bad for £3!

The patio table is also new, this bargain was snapped up by my eagle eyed mum from Tesco's summer clearance (how can they have a clearance sale already, its still summer!!) she manged to get this cute table and two matching chairs for £12, and it was the last set in cream in the shop!

As we were outside admiring our pretty patio, Rich noticed this little chap who was closely inspecting my last car boot find!

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J Eric Miller said...

Truly inspirational blog...glade I found it...thanks...