Friday, 1 August 2008

Preparing for The Royal Visit

My parents were visiting last weekend (which is why I haven't posted for a week or so), this as usual led to Rich and I vigorously cleaning and tiding the house and garden like mad on Saturday morning. One of the larger garden jobs that I had been putting off for to long was cutting the hedges, We inherited 2 chest height, 30 year old box hedge when we brought our cottage, there on either side of the patio and make sitting out there feel really private and cosy, they also add a good dollop of green to what would other wise be a bit of a bland space.

As any one who has box hedge will know they need regular trimming to keep them looking thick and health, I'm not mad for hedges or anything but as they have obviously been looked after nicely for so long I feel the least we can do is keep them looking good.

It is, how ever a bit of a punishing job, Rich managed to get out of it by running off to mow the grass around the fruit trees.

Yes I know, pictures of hedge's are VERY boring, but it took me ages and I was so proud of them when I finished I just had to show you. This was all done by hand you know...with shears...not electric hedges trimmers...hand shears!! I have blisters to prove this!


Alan said...

We had a hedge when we lived in NZ. At the front it was tall but manageable (about 1.5m), in the back, where the land sloped a bit it got to be well over 2m. It had, like yours, been there for well over 40 years and when it was trimmed it looked stunning. Our 75 year old neighbor kept her side looking tidy with almost daily niggling. Our side was a bit rank (2 years of neglect do bad things to hedges). Took us months to get it back into shape and weekly vigilance to maintain it, but it looked smashing. I miss it here in the Midwest, so love your hedge, they are hard to replace.

Magic Cochin said...

Great hedge - and very neat clipping! Is it box, not sure? Can't remember the name of it now, tiny pairs of leaves, grows quickly!