Monday, 11 August 2008

Fighting the Weather

Sunday was a crazy day weather wise, I seemed to be legging it back up to the greenhouse every 5 mins to keep dry. Anyway in between we managed to get loads done, what with one thing and another we haven't really done much in the garden for a few weeks so it was badly in need to sorting out (the russian vine weed was once again making a bid to swamp everything)
The greenhouse needed a bit of a tidy and a sweep.

The aubergines are finally putting on some growth.

This was the state of the potato patch, the plants seem to have gone really leggy and then been munched by snails (who have finished eating my strawberries and fancied a change)

and here it is a couple of hours later

I planted a row of beetroot seeds where the potato's had come out, I'll add another row in a week or so.

Notice my lovely blue plastic bag streamers, this is to (hopefully) stop the local cats using it as a litter tray!

I pulled quite a few of the onions and laced them into bunches to dry in the greenhouse, not the ideal place to dry them but our kitchen too small to have them hanged up in there (plus I don't want my whole house smelling like onions) and the shed has a small posse of mice who are quite partial to the odd onion.
While I was harvesting onions, Rich was working away like a maniac on the unending mountain of tiles, we're laying them next week so we need them all cleaned and ready to put down, poor Rich!

I feel it is worth noting that pink was the only colour they had when I went to buy the rubber gloves he's wearing!

As it was Sunday we managed to nip out to the local car boot sale, I once again managed to find treasure at a reasonable price!

I got these lovely little terracotta pots (some are quite old ones) for £2, I use the ones I already have a lot so I'm always on the look out for more, and while I was admiring my new pots Stella was making herself comfortable.

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Amy said...

I too was dodging the rain at the weekend, unfortunately not having any shelter on my allotment means it is just a case of putting my coat on and then taking it off 5 minutes later.

You onions look fantastic, mine were ready about 8 weeks ago and we have nearly eaten all of them already so next year is going to be a major onion year.

Also well done with that aubergine it looks fantastic.