Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Green & Easy

In one of my previous post I was bemoaning the fact that out lovely little retro fridge had decided to pack up, after nearly a month of putting up with milk going off and not being able to freeze anything we finally bit the bullet and forked out for a new fridge freezer. Ok I realise this isn't a particularly garden oriented post but the company we got our shiny new toy from are an extremely good little business which I thought was worth a mention.

We found Green & Easy while randomly searching the web for retro cream fridges ( which are apparently not as popular as they where 3 years ago. Note to self: do no design whole kitchen around hard to replace appliances again!)

I am always slightly sceptically about buy large items off the net, I always worry it will turn up and not look a thing like it did on the site, but as we couldn't find the type of fridge we wanted at any of the regular chain stores we had very little choice (the other option being to fork out a horrendous amount of money for a vastly overrated Smeg, which would have involved one of us having to sell a kidney!)

This is the Fridge we wanted to replace...

So sad only 3 years old and in perfect condition other wise, why don't white goods manufacturers make their products to last anymore!! one fridge retailer told us your lucky if they last 18 months these days as they want you to came back an buy another one, grrrrrr!

Anyway if we where going to have to buy another one I wanted one with a separate freezer for storing produce from the garden...

Isn't it pretty! ok I realise its just a fridge but as out cottage is open plan you see it all the time so it was important to us that it looked nice.

I was hugely impressed with Green & Easy, there on-line ordering was really easy, I placed the order at about 7.30 at night when I got home from work and was called back 10 mins later to say thank you the order and they would email me a delivery date the next day! How good is that!

Now I always dread having stuff delivered to out cottage, we are hard to find and up an unmarked road, and there is also a 100 foot up hill path to contend with when people do eventually find us. Needless to say we have had a fare amount of abuse from delivery drivers who refuse to help carry stuff up the path for us.

The delivery guys with our new fridge however where brilliant! very helpful and manfully struggled up through our garden, through our very narrow cottage and even unwrapped it in the kitchen so we could check it was ok. Curry's and Argos's delivery guys have never done that!

So all in all, I'm really impressed with this little company, if you are looking for appliances or anything else for home or garden give them a look!

Mmmm nice cold milk!

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