Sunday, 21 June 2009


...Our latest crazy purchase, An Old Crappy Landrover!!!

Ok, yes its old but not too crappy! Isn't she great! and before all the Tree Hugger's out there have a go about useless gas guzzling 4x4, she's LPG meaning she shouldn't cost us much more to run than our KA. We already have a load of jobs we can now do with her, such exciting adventures include taking all the really old rotten wood to the recycling center, buying a new front door and getting a load of old floor boards to finish the stair case off with!

Sadly the arrival of the Landy means the KA will have to go as we really can't afford the running cost of 2 cars right now. I am a bit sad about it as I do get attached to cars but hopefully we'll find her a new home....anyone interested in a luxury KA with a cream leather interior?!

Richard is especially please with the new toy (its a V8 which he has always wanted, in fact as long as its a V8 I don't think he would really care what it came in, I think a bucket would have been ok if must be a male thing?!)

Arrrrr look at him, he looks like a jaunty farmer! It must be Landy Love!


Carrie said...

Best wishes to you and the new Landy. Really it must be a boy thing. My cousin is hiring a Defender as her wedding transport because her hubby-to-be is obssessed with them.

Eco Gites of Lenault said...

I'm not letting Simon see your Landy. We sold ours with the business when we moved and he misses it alot. Definitely a boy thing!!

Rosie x