Saturday, 15 March 2008

The Bloody Wind!

As you will have noticed we have been having crap weather here in the UK of late (the tail end of a hurricane or something?), considering our cottage is on the side of a hill I had thought we got off pretty lightly, that's was until I got home on Monday night to find shattered glass spread over half our garden. It seems our poor greenhouse that had managed to survive 2 years of storms have finally lost some glass.

We have a window in the roof that's opens up on hot days by way of a automatic wax opener, unfortunately I had forgotten to disconnect this and because the sun had come out on Monday, despite the 60mph winds, the bloody thing had opened allowing the wind to get in and pop the glass out, shattering it every were in the process...great!

So my greenhouse is now sporting a lovely patch job, done in roughly 15 minutes before it got dark on Monday evening:

Surprisingly it has lasted about 5 days so far, I didn't recon it would last 10 minuets (thus proving Richard right!)

Anyway I am now waiting on the arrival of some supposedly shatter proof perspex to replace the window, and a remind note to myself to close the damn thing on windy days!

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