Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Easter Goodies!

Happy slightly belated Easter.

We when up to Shropshire for a few days to see our parents, I always like to think of this as a nice cheap little holiday but I invariably end up spending twice as much as normal (this is you're fault mum for encouraging me!)

Anyway I had a particularly good time as we when to lots of good shop's selling cheap plants and seeds, always a winner with me, the first was Charlies Stores, this is mainly a wales, west midlands based chain, sadly the don't seem to exist down in the west country which is a shame as they are bloody good shops, so from here I got some Desiree seed potatoes (£2.99 for a big bag) and marigold seeds.

Next on the list was Wilkinson's, again sadly Bath is laking a good Wilco's so I usually take the opportunity to have a quick look when in Shrewsbury, from here I got 2 packs of Anemone bulbs, a pack of peony bulbs and two willow trellises for my peas to grow up, again all at bargain prices, I thing the whole lot came to about £10.

And lastly good old Morrison's, reliable as ever, I managed to get some mixed salad leaf seeds and instead of an Easter egg my lovely parents brought us a cherry tree, some wild flower seeds and some corn flower seeds. They know me so well!

All in all a dame good weekend, oh and it was nice to see Mum and Dad and Rich's parents too!

I've been thinking of putting some pics up of some of the gardens we visit, just to show were some of my inspiration comes from, (also I like blogs with loads of pictures!) so hopefully in the next few weeks I can include some shots of my parents garden, designed and build by my clever Dad, you will be jealous, I am!

Oh an one last thing, Rich gave me this little chap instead of a chocolate bunny, he's cast iron and is going to sit by my lavender bushes. I'm a very lucky girl!

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