Sunday, 2 March 2008

Brick Paths

One of the reasons I became so hooked on gardening was that in 2005 I visited the Lost Gardens of Heligan, anyone who's been will know exactly what I mean, I went again last year with Rich and it was still brilliant! Anyway one of the things I loved best was the productive garden's with all their beautiful old red brick walls and paths, ever since then I have been desperately wanting to have some little paths in my veg patch.
As Rich pointed out it means I could get at the veg without accidentally crushing something and when it is wet, but mostly I wanted them because they looked so pretty.

Rich and I are avid users of Bath Freecycle which happens to be they best way to kit out your garden and give new homes to unwanted stuff, its a grass roots recycling scheme started in Mexico but seems to have spread all over the world now, I don't want to ramble on to much about how great I think this is (because if you already know me then I've probably bored you enough already!).
So anyway, we got offered about 40 old red bricks that were coming out of someone's garden, Rich was dispatched to go and collect them (he's so good to me!), however when he arrived at the address it turned out to be more like 120 bricks.

Knowing how chuffed I would be with these Rich packed them in the back of his poor little car and brought them home, what followed was a weekend of path laying hell for Rich and tea and coffee making for me but it was all worth it:

Mmmmmmm, pretty!

My own mini and slightly crap Heligan!

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