Wednesday, 26 March 2008

New Fence

I have been dieing to get our fence down the right hand side of our garden finished for over a year, we did the top half the year we moved in as it was all we could afford to do at the time, previous to this the boundary had been marked by some old phone cable nailed to some short poles which were rotting away.

Here's the before:

and after:

Not very exciting I know but I cant wait to get it finished so I can grow nasturtions and sweet peas up the wire (and our cat will be pleased as it stops peoples dogs getting in the garden and chasing her!)

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Magic Cochin said...

Good luck with your garden - it's looking great! Mine's got brick paths too, and once upon a time long long ago (ie before you went to school!!!) I bought a little cottage on the edge of a town with an overgrown long narrow garden.

Five gardens later - I'm still gardening, still growing veg, and have a little "wild-thing" tabby cat too!!!