Sunday, 2 March 2008

Garden Table

I love garden furniture made from seemingly old rubbish, this is something I've gotten from my Dad, who is an avid skip diver! When Rich and I were at uni I found this old singer sewing machine base in the shed of the house we were living in, it was covered in rust and had obviously been there ages, so I didn't feel to bad about giving it a new lease of life. For a long time it served as my dressing table with a top and mirror made out of scrap wood by my Dad, but when we moved to our cottage it was too big to fit in anywhere, so has spend the last year living outside on the patio waiting for me to do something with it:

I finely managed to nag Rich into knocking up a top for me this weekend (poor bugger), we had a old scaffolding plank Dad has rescued from somewhere so off he went:

After a decent coat of wood stain, we now have a very lovely table, wood worm and all!

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