Sunday, 9 March 2008

I Love Hydrangea's

These are one of my favourite flowers and I've wanted a hydrangea bush for ages, so a big thank you to Rich's Mum who was very kind and brought us one last week!
I then had the agonizing job of deciding where to put it, if its too far down the garden I'll never see it but I don't have a enough room in the flower bed up by the house, in the end we decided to put it in a pot on the patio. Our patio is pretty small but its a really little sun trap and with our Bath stone cottage radiating heat all day most of our plants that like it slightly warmer end up here, it also means I can see it out of the front room window!
So it was on with the delightful gardening jumper again (which is actually one of Rich's but I keep stealing it)

Doesn't it look pretty!

And my favourite colour too, hopefully I'll be able to cut some of the flower heads and dry them for in the house.

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