Saturday, 15 March 2008


We have a small pond in our garden, its up near the house and is fed from the rain water pipe of the roof of the cottage, the run off pipe comes off the main down pipe like it would if you had a water butt connected to it, but instead it runs under the patio and comes out into the pond, pretty clever right!
I wish I could take credit for this but it was the guy who owned the house before us that set this ingenious system up, in the summer I can water all the plants on the patio without having to use mains water at all.

Its because we keep it for watering the plants that's we haven't put any fish it in, but we do have loads of frogs and even newts in there come summer (which help keep on top of the slug problem for us), so I was really pleased when I spotted this today:

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maryjane said...


Im a gardener from Adelaide Australia and just stumbled over your blog.

We are having a record breaking heatwave over here (12 days running at 40c or so) and my poor garden is dying. We arent allowed to water except in cunning ways so to see your overflowing pond was a sight for sore eyes!

My garden consists of hibiscus, frangipani, australian natives. Basically anything with a flower. I have to go to the garden shop and get a greywater hose today, apparently im still allowed to do laundry (damnit)so at least i wont waste the water completely.