Saturday, 15 March 2008

New Plants

I love buying new plants, although I usually have to ration myself other wise I will go mad and spend a fortune, if however you happen to be on a pretty tight budget like us then a great place for plants is Morrison's. We have a small one in Bath which unfortunately doesn't have a big plant section but they do have some stuff, you have to be quick though as new plant's goes fast!

Rich usually has a look for me when he does the food shopping in the week, so as its Saturday and raining (again!) we nipped down for a quick look. I love the fact that lots of supermarkets seem to have started selling tree saplings in recent years, all the fruit trees and bushes in our garden have come from Morrison's, we now have a cooking apple, an eating apple, a pear and a black current bush. Some people have told me that their not great specimens from here but we have had quite a lot of fruit from ours and at £4.99 for an apple tree as apposed to the £25 from a garden center, I'm afraid I have to go with Morrison's.

Anyway today I managed to get a tray of 40 Lobelia seedlings for £1.99, a red Jasmine for £1.79 and a pack for basil seeds for £1.50, bargain!

The Jasmine will hopefully grow up the wire fence between us and next door, adding a bit of colour and attracting bees!

And talking of new plants, my seedlings in the greenhouse are coming along amazingly (despite being showered with flying glass!) I cant wait to start planting out, roll on spring!

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