Wednesday, 26 March 2008

More Brick Paths

No not mine this time, my parents!

As promised here are the pics of my Mum and Dads garden (notice the use of the lovely old bricks) the large tree is a cooking apple that when in fruit, will unceremoniously try to concuss anyone sitting on the bench under it by dropping the larges apples in the world on you. Still it looks wonderful and whats the odd brain hemorrhage between family.

Mum and Dads place is a typical 1930's end of terrace house, so they have a slightly larger garden than the other houses in the row, for years it was mainly grass, a few raised beds and a play shed in the middle of the lawn for my sister and me, this accompanied by a manic border collie meant my parents had to put up with a garden covered in kids stuff and dog crap for a very long time!
So when we moved out and the dog was to old to care, my Dad set about redesigning it, actually I think he drew it out on the back of an envelope in about a hour one afternoon (this is how he usually works and the stuff he designs like this almost always works out, jammy bugger!)

The garden is surrounded on 3 sides with 6" privet hedges giving it quite a bit of privacy, the bricks and the paving slabs are all recycle, meaning they almost all came out of skips! Dad would come home with the odd couple of bricks every few nights till he had enough, I think the slabs were someone he new who was taking up a patio and he offered to take them off this chaps hands (most of the stuff in their garden has turned up like this, basically my Dad was rescuing old rubbish out of skips before it became cool!)

This is a really nice garden now, its lovely to sit in during the summer and my Mum has now put fairy lights in the tree so we can stay out after it gets dark, I love summer at my parents house!

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